Here are some social media analytics tips from Araceli Perez. Click to make larger and see the full article.

You have built a social media presence for your business, but you’re not sure if your efforts are paying off. Luckily, there are plenty of analytical tools (some of which are free) to help you measure your success. I won’t list them ad nauseam, but you can visit this link to choose which one is right for your business. Whatever tool you decide to use, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Track your links
When sharing links, you want to be able to track how many clicks a campaign is getting on each social channel so you can adjust your campaign accordingly. You can use to shorten links and track links, or you can embed Tweetspy code into your website to see who’s tweeting links from your site and how often.

You may already have an analytics tool
Do you use HootSuite,  SproutSocial or another social suite to schedule your social media posts? If so, you already have an analytical tool right under your nose. For these programs and others, you’ll have to upgrade to the paid versions to get more detailed analytics. The free versions are a good place to start though.

And then there’s Google
Of course, don’t forget about the almighty Google in your tracking efforts. Google Analytics can show you what social channels are referring traffic to your site, which pages on your site are getting a lot of traction on social media and what pages cause people to exit your site after they “flow” there from social.

Don’t be afraid to adjust
If a social campaign isn’t living up to the key performance indicators you’ve laid out, it’s time to make adjustments. Ask yourself the following questions: Do I post too often or not enough? What is my competition doing to gain followers that I could be doing better? Do I need to adjust my goals? Am I responding to customers/fans who reach out to my brand on social?

Really listen to consumers
Amongst all of the graphs and charts, let’s not forget what social media really is at its core: a gigantic listening tool. B. Bonin Bough, then the head of digital for PepsiCo, said Gatorade’s Mission Control helped his team tap into the health of the brand through social listening. They were able to use the opportunity to educate athletes, coaches and athletic directors about Gatorade’s benefits. Customers are talking about your brand and it’s your job to listen and respond accordingly.Social-Listening

Bonus: Gain clients by becoming a quick expert
Peter Odryna shared the story of Innovative Marketing Resources using his product SocialEars to create a campaign for a fiberglass company in a short period of time. For IMR, SocialEars eliminated the noise and enabled them to focus on what influencers in the industry were talking about on social media and the web. After they knew the latest trends and influencers, IMR was able to quickly create a campaign.

What is/are your favorite social analytical tools to use?

How do you strike a balance between analyzing and listening?