The results are in! When I created my home ownership questionnaire a week ago, I wanted to see if there were any common demographic factors among satisfied homeowners, dissatisfied homeowners, neutral homeowners, renters/non-homeowners who are interested in buying a home someday, and renters/non-homeowners who have no interest in buying a home.

Well guess what? The “dissatisfied homeowners” and “renters/non-homeowners who have no interest in buying a home” groups don’t exist, at least in my survey results.

I had 30 total respondents, half of which fell into the “Experienced homeowner/New homeowner (owned their home less than five years)” category, while the other half of the respondents identified themselves as “Renter/I do not own my own home or pay rent.” (Chart below)

The 15 homeowners responses ranged from “Neutral to Very Satisfied” – none replied that they were dissatisfied with homeownership. The 15 renters/non-homeowners replied either “Yes” or “Maybe” to the question “Do you wish to purchase a home in the future?” (graph below)

Though my survey is a relatively small sample of people, I found it very interesting that none of the homeowners that responded were totally dissatisfied with owning a home, while the renters/non-homeowners I surveyed either want to purchase a home in the future or are not completely closing the door on the idea of home ownership.

Other interesting data from my survey results:
-Of the six homeowners who replied that they were “Very satisfied” with their choice to purchase a home, four of them were in the 45-54 age bracket, one was in the 55-64 age bracket and one was in the 25-34 age bracket. Perhaps extreme satisfaction with home ownership comes with being an experienced homeowner? I would love to interview these folks and get the experiences behind the data.

-Most of the new and experienced homeowners – 13 of the 15, to be exact – were married, which makes sense. Financially, the responsibilities a home can bring seems to be easier when shared between two people. Kudos to the single homeowners because I couldn’t imagine caring for a home all by myself!

-Five of the respondents said they have kids in their household. Four of those respondents were homeowners, while one is a renter.

-By far, among homeowner and non-homeowner respondents, “Putting money toward something you do/will own” was the most appealing thing about owning a home.

Things I would have done differently in setting the survey up
-When it comes to actually analyzing the data, Qualtrics did a beautiful job of giving me plenty of charts and graph options to illustrate my results. To get the raw data, I had to look at each response individually and record them. I’m not super-experienced with Qualtrics, so maybe there is an easier way to do this, but I did not figure it out on this go-around.

-I had Skip Logic set up to take dissatisfied homeowner respondents to the question “What about owning a home does not appeal to you?” Since no one replied that they were dissatisfied with home ownership, I got no responses for this question. It would have been interesting to see what people disliked, along with what they liked, about home ownership. (Empty graph below)

-When taking my classmates’ surveys, I noticed that I forgot to set up a “Male or Female” demographic question. Not a horrible omission, but it would have added another interesting layer to the data. Also, I would have added more employment options such as “Retired” and “Stay at home parent.” These other responses just did not come to mind when I was creating that portion of the survey.

Concluding thoughts

The results of my survey, while a small sample, give me hope for home ownership in America. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who dreams of having a home someday, and it’s also nice to know that home ownership can be “very satisfying.” Like myself, it may take some of us a bit longer than others to get there, but our dream home is out there waiting for us.